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20th June 2013 - Views

The value of coaching clinics

Coaching is often thought of as an intensive intervention delivered to small numbers of individuals. However, Right Management increasingly being asked to deliver short coaching programmes to large groups in the form of coaching clinics.

Once the preserve of senior executives, today, coaching for many organisations is an integral part of the culture and developmental environment at all levels. As a result, Right Management has seen a dramatic increase in the demand for high volume coaching. Our response has been the creation of ‘coaching clinics’. Coaching clinics involve locating a coach at a client office or location, where they will see multiple clients in pre-booked slots through the day (typically 4 or 5 depending on the length of the session). Alongside the clinic concept, Right Management has also adapted the traditional duration of coaching programmes to establish shorter, more pragmatic coaching programmes, which typically include 2 – 3 sessions of coaching. Typically we maximise use of the time through use of pre-work, to encourage individuals to reflect on what they want to achieve through coaching, and homework assignments to embed learning.

Coaching in this way has a number of advantages:

  • Since costs are relatively low, it enables all participants to receive 1:1 support, rather than just a select few;
  • It allows for a quicker turnaround in support as all individuals can be seen in a matter of days;
  • In our experience, having some one-to-one time built into a development programme makes participants feel more valued, enhances their understanding of the topics covered and increases the likelihood that they will build an actionable development plan;
  • The coach builds an in-depth understanding of the organisation and the common blockers and enablers to performance. These common themes can then be shared with the employer enabling the organisation to take any appropriate actions to address or capitalise on these factors.

If you are thinking through the implications of coaching clinics for your organisation, consider the following:

  • Ensure that the introduction of coaching clinics supports your overall business strategy.Consider what you are trying to achieve, and ensure you establish, in advance a pre and post measure to ascertain shifts on relevant business criteria;
  • Achieve maximum return from your investment by evaluating from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective. Typically we would measure an individual’s satisfaction, learning, behaviour shifts, confidence shifts, attainment of objectives and impact on performance. Where multiple assignments are occurring such as with coaching clinics, you should expect to see collated, consolidated feedback that enables you to identify common themes at an organisational level.
  • Consider the value of qualitative feedback at an organisational level. Themes and OD information emerging from the coaching clinics, gathered from coaches working across the programme, whilst still respecting individual confidentiality, will help undercover the detail that may be challenging, or accelerating business performance. Reviewing this feedback as part of the context, and reasons for or against current performance against your business strategy provides invaluable insight.