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Executive Coaching Improves Bench Strength

24th November 2014 - 688 Views

One overriding concern for many organisations is that they are looking to develop a strong leadership bench. However, they are finding that their employees do not possess the depth of talent and gravitas to take on a leadership role, much…

What High Potential Profiles Can Reveal About Your Leadership Culture

24th October 2014 - 622 Views

High potential programmes bring value to the individual participants, by helping them reflect on their leadership strengths and areas for development. Such programmes impact all the teams and communities the participant works with, and have a positive impact on the…

Does Group Executive Coaching Work?

28th April 2014 - 978 Views

Author: Holly Teska, Vice President, Principal Consultant, Right Management Executive coaching is all about building a highly focused, one-to-one relationship between coach and executive, right? Well… maybe not. Many organizations find that group executive coaching is a powerful and effective…

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